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What's Safe Haven Christian Counseling Center about?

Safe Haven Christian Counseling Center, LLC is a place that provides a safe space where broken and hurting people can find restoration, be renewed, experience reconciliation and discover redemption. 

The Center’s Objectives are...


Providing a safe space where broken and hurting people can find restoration, be renewed, experience reconciliation and discover redemption.

In the midst of struggles, loss or transition one can experience various emotions. When talking about these emotions one’s voice is often silenced by shame and/or fear. At Safe Haven Christian Counseling Center, LLC, one can find a safe and reassuring space to voice what was once silenced.


Providing professional, compassionate and ethical care from a qualified licensed counselor.


Amy was born and raised in Zimbabwe Africa where her parents serve as missionaries. Over the years, Amy’s heart for people has grown into a passion to provide compassionate, effective and ethical care. Amy Duren is married and enjoys long walks with her husband and two dogs. She is passionate about God and His creation. She desires to serve the Lord, loving people as Christ does.




- Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC),

- South Carolina: 6257

- Arkansas: P2106001

- Master of Arts (M.A.) in Counseling

- Telehealth Certification through PESI

- National Certified Counselor (NCC)

- Trained in EMDR

- Post-Graduate Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy

- Prepare and Enrich facilitator

- Stewards of Children training


In addition to counseling at Safe Haven Christian Counseling Center, LLC, Amy offered her services for three years at Eau Claire Cooperative Health Centers in Columbia, SC for families and child/adolescents.

Amy is clinically trained and able to provide diagnostic evaluations, treatment goals and planning for ages 3 - adult. She is also experienced in working with children and adolescents whose parents are separated, in the process of divorce or divorce. While children are able to move through this change in the family, counseling provides a safe space where they are able to process the change and share difficult feelings about the transition.


Amy draws from various therapeutic and evidence based modalities such as, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Experiential Therapy. Her counseling style is intended to be integrative, as well as collaborative as she develops an individualistic treatment plan.

Amy received her Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Biblical Studies, Marriage and Family Certificate and Masters of Arts in Counseling from Columbia International University (CIU) in South Carolina. She is currently working on her PhD in Developmental Psychology from Liberty University.


While in school, Amy completed a semester long practicum shadowing an Art Therapist in the children’s cancer department at Richland Hospital in Columbia, South Carolina. She successfully completed a year-long internship as a counseling intern at Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina. Furthermore, Amy completed an additional internship for her Marriage and Family Certificate at William S. Hall, a child and adolescent psychiatric hospital.

About Me



• Adoption

• Anxiety Disorders

• Child and Adolescent Counseling (12 and older)

- Parent training

• Complex Trauma

- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD

• Depression

• Developmental Disorders

• Grief and Loss

• Play Therapy

• Spiritual Growth

• Telehealth

• Prepare/Enrich:

- Prepare/Enrich is an assessment tool often used with premarital couples as well as married couples seeking to deepen their relationship. This assessment is based on Systems Theory while integrating principles from Marital and Family Therapy. Additionally, this assessment is prevention-oriented.

Counseling Model.


Safe Haven Christian Counseling Center, LLC believes that helping broken and wounded people and families goes beyond technique, medication and the work of a therapist, reconciliation begins in the context of relationships. Healing begins and is sustained through healthy connections and relationships which can begin to be experienced in the context of counseling.

Old Study

Who can benefit from counseling?

It has been my experience, people of all ages, generations, race and sexual orientation can benefit from the therapeutic experience. My style of counseling is integrative and intended to fit your personal needs and goals. This can range from a very clinical, structured and cognitive approach to a more mentorship type role. My approach is collaborative which means, to achieve your goals, we work as a team.

How many counseling sessions will I need?

Typically sessions duration is 12 to 32 sessions, depending on need of the client.


What if I'm looking for a quick fix?

Counseling is intense and challenging. People often experience getting worse before they get better. But if you are committed to the process, counseling offers the possibility for deep meaningful change. 

Do you take insurance?

I offer receipts for insurance reimbursement as I do not bill insurance directly from my office. I do take medical debit cards and FSA cards. 

Is counseling for my child/teen?

This is a common  question. So here are some things which may help you decide if now is a good time for your child/teen to receive counseling. 


- Has there been recent changes in the family?

Examples; divorce/separation, moving, parent career changes, birth or adoption.

- Has your child/teen experienced a loss?

Examples; death of family member, death of pet, moving to new country, town, house or school, separation/divorce, death of family member or friend due to suicide 

- Is your child/teen exhibiting new behaviors?

Examples; sleep patterns, eating behaviors, sensory sensitivity, outbursts, developmental regression, cutting, lying, stealing, isolating, aggression or changes in mood. 

- Has your child/teen witnessed or experienced trauma?

Examples; domestic violence, sexual-physical-verbal abuse, car accident, school shooting


- How would I know if counseling with Amy is not for my child/teen or self?

I do not prescribe medication and will recommend medical professional for psychiatric  assessment and on going care. 


Note: I do not work with custody cases. I believe the counseling process is sacred and needs to be safe for children and teens.


If you would like to schedule an appointment or learn more about Safe Haven Christian Counseling Center, LLC, please fill in the form below and Amy will contact you as soon as possible.

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